Damian Robertson

Born in Grimsby Ontario, Damian has always been artistic. After some advice from a guidance teacher, Damian joined the Canadian Forces right out of high school at the young age of 18. By 19, Damian received a medal for service in Bosnia and by 22 another award for service in Kosovo. Damian's love for art kept his mind off the reality of the war zones he was in, by drawing and sketching for his friends.

In February of 2000, Damian was on a European Vacation in Germany when a train he was traveling on jumped the tracks! 32 people died that day, but Damian managed to survive and pulled 12 people out to safety. 2 cracked discs in his back and major body bruising ended his military Career, forcing Damian to a desk job. Damian quickly realized his true calling with art and enrolled to the School of Art and Graphic Design in Welland, Ontario. Airbrushing and Acrylics really ignited his passion for art and painting! In May of 2005, he was given a Tattoo Apprenticeship by a shop in St. Catherines, Ontario.

Damian has been pushing himself to be a better artist for the last 4 years, and to surround himself with good people and good energy. He's truly honoured to have so many clients that will wear his art for life! Damian moved to Banff to retire and have a little more connection with the natural world. His goals right now is to promote Banff as a place of wider art scene and tattooing.

If you would like some of Damian's artwork displayed on you for life, please call 403.762.8882

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