Founded by David Levy and Giorgio Kouzoudjian in Daytona Beach, Florida in 1996, Perfect Image emerged as a beacon of creative expression in the realm of body art. Driven by a passion for artistic innovation, they embarked on a journey that would lead them back to their Canadian roots. In 1999, the dynamic duo brought their vision to Wasaga Beach, Ontario, setting up shop in the iconic 'Big Red' building, infusing the town with their unique blend of creativity and professionalism.

From these humble beginnings, Perfect Image has flourished into a multi-location phenomenon, with their seasonal beach shops in Wasaga Beach and Grand Bend becoming cherished landmarks of artistic excellence. However, the artistic spirit of Perfect Image didn't merely stay confined to the shores. The brand expanded further, embracing the urban landscapes and cultural hubs of WaterlooLondonBrantford, Barrie, and the scenic beauty of Banff. These year-round locations have become synonymous with top-tier tattoo and piercing services that reflect both expertise and innovation.

Each Perfect Image shop is more than just a place of business; it's an experience. Crafted with an eye for modern aesthetics, these spaces boast a contemporary design complemented by original art that adorns the walls. The open concept encourages interaction, creativity, and a sense of community, making the experience of getting a tattoo or piercing not just transactional, but truly transformative.

Perfect Image's journey, from its inception in Florida to its expansion across Canada, encapsulates a story of dedication to the artistry of body modification. The brand's evolution reflects the beauty of blending tradition with innovation, rooted in the founders' genuine passion for the industry. Whether by the shores or within the heart of bustling cities, Perfect Image continues to shape the landscape of body artistry, enriching the lives of those who seek self-expression and artistic brilliance.

At Perfect Image, it is our goal to provide outstanding customer service and strive to set the standard in a growing industry.


All of our staff are knowledgeable and offer a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. We are a family-oriented business and open our doors to everyone. Perfect Image is also home to some of the most incredible talent the industry has to offer. With award-winning artists and remarkable service and staff, Perfect Image prides itself on being the best.

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It is our goal to provide a comfortable environment. 


Perfect Image is always expanding and upholding the best quality in materials, inventory, and artists. We offer not only exceptional services in tattooing and piercing, but also a wide selection of high-quality body jewelry.


Whether you are looking to get your first tattoo or piercing, adding to your collection, or finding inspiration, we guarantee you will leave feeling satisfied. It is our goal to provide a comfortable environment. We will always answer any questions you may have, and go above and beyond your expectations. 





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