Perfect Image prides itself on offering professional piercing services and high-quality body jewelry across all our locations in Kitchener-Waterloo, Brantford, London, BarrieBanff, Grand Bend, and Wasaga Beach


Each studio upholds the highest standards of safety and hygiene, ensuring that clients receive the best care, whether for ear piercing, nose piercing, or any other body piercing.


Our trusted professional piercers are skilled in a wide range of piercing styles and are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide personalized aftercare advice suited to your piercing and lifestyle. 





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Piercing Requirements


For most piercings you must be 16 years of age to sign for yourself, and you will be asked to provide valid government photo ID.


If you’re under 16 you may still be able to get pierced with a parent present, provided you have valid photo ID for both of you. That being said, we do reserve the right to refuse piercings on an individual basis. This is usually based on anatomy, but sometimes it may just be something your piercer is not comfortable doing on a minor. 


For some piercings like genitals, nipples, and surface piercings, you must be 18, regardless of parental consent.


Persons that are intoxicated, pregnant, nursing, or incapable of consent due to mental incapacity will be refused. Your piercer will advise you on how to take care of your piercing using the aftercare kit available for purchase in store.


Before you get pierced you will be required to fill out a waiver, this is for legal purposes and to make us aware of any medical conditions that may affect your piercing or healing. When the appropriate paperwork is completed, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have, to ensure that you are satisfied before beginning.



Piercing Techniques


There are a number of different piercing methods used today that depend entirely upon which type of piercing you will be getting. The standard method involves making an opening using a hollow medical needle. The needle is inserted into the body part being pierced. While still in the body, the initial jewelry to be worn in the piercing is pushed through the opening, following the back of the needle. Piercing using hollow medical needles does not actually remove any flesh, the method cuts a slit and holds it open in the shape of the cross section of the needle, in this case, a circle. In this method, the needle is the same gauge or larger than the initial jewelry to be worn.


At Perfect Image, our professional piercing services in Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Barrie, and Banff, is in compliance with their respective regional heath unit. Every precaution is taken to protect you and your piercer. Each studio is equipped with bio hazard containers for objects that have come into contact with blood or bodily fluids and sharps containers for used needles. All tools are sterilized in state-of-the-art autoclaves and all surfaces are cleaned with hospital grade germicidal disinfectant between clients. Sterile single-use gloves are worn by the piercer to protect both the piercer and the client.







Body Piercing Care Instructions


Caring for your new body piercing is crucial for a smooth healing process. Perfect Image offers professional piercing services and recommends the following aftercare steps to ensure your piercing heals perfectly, with body piercing jewelry designed for both healing and style.


  1. Cleaning Your Piercing: Gently cleanse the area twice daily with a sterile saline solution, essential for preventing infections and ensuring the health of your Ear Piercing, Nose Piercing, or any Facial or body  Piercing.
  2. Avoiding Irritation: Minimize touching the piercing to avoid irritation, crucial for the healing of nipple rings or belly rings. Crucial for all piercings
  3. Moisturizing: Apply a fragrance-free lotion around the piercing area, avoiding the direct piercing site, to keep the skin hydrated and promote healing.
  4. Monitoring for Infection: Be vigilant for signs of infection, such as unusual redness, swelling, or discharge, and consult with our expert body piercers if symptoms arise.
  5. Activity Restrictions: Limit activities that could stress the piercing area, especially important for those with an oral piercing or active lifestyles.




*Piercing Procautions


It is recommended that persons with diabetes, hemophilia, auto-immune disorder, recipients of organ/bone marrow transplants, or persons taking blood thinning medications or persons with other medical or skin conditions that may hinder the healing process of your piercing, should consult your doctor before getting pierced. It is also advised that you inform your piercer of any metal allergies or allergies to certain healing agents that could be found in aftercare.


Oral piercings can affect the teeth and gums if proper jewelry is not selected. Your piercer will advise you on the type of jewelry you will require for healing your new piercing. This jewelry can be changed once the piercing is fully healed. Most often, the jewelry you are pierced with is longer than regular jewelry to allow for swelling. When the piercing is healed it is recommended that jewelry be switched to a more fitted piece to avoid damage to teeth and gums.


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