$60.00 Flash Day



After the success of our flash day back in December, we decided to do it again! 


Join us on Thursday, February 15th, 2024 for $60.00 Tattoos. 


Here's how it'll go down...








 1. Walk In 

 We will not be taking appointments, but will operate on a first come, first served basis.


 2. Pick Your Tattoo

 We will have a range of pre-drawn designs to choose from, all designs are priced at   $60+Tax

  • To make sure we have time to tattoo everybody, these designs cannot be modified, and will be tattooed on arms and legs only
  • Designs will be tattooed only in black and grey 

 3. Paperwork 

 Come up to the counter, fill out your paperwork and wait to get paid up. Don't forget to bring your government issued ID!


 4. Get tattooed

 Once your turn is up, you will be paired with an artist and they will discuss placement     with you before getting started on your tattoo.

 Once the tattoo is completed, the artist will provide aftercare instructions and voila!   You're all set. 




Q: What counts as a modification? 

A:  A modification is any change or alteration to the original design. This includes changing the size, and adding or removing details. While any other day we are happy to make these changes for you, to keep it fair- there will be no modifications to the flash. 


Q: Can I choose my artist? 

A:  We will do our best to accommodate requests, but we cannot guarantee who you will be paired with.


Q: Can I book an appointment? 

A:  We will not be taking appointments on this day. 


Q: Can I bring my own design? 

A: This day will be reserved for tattooing our pre-draw designs only. If you would like something custom, we would be happy to book you an appointment for a different date. 


Q: Can I get multiple flash tattoos?

A: Yes! However, we don't suggest doing more than three at once for healing purposes.


Q: Is there a discount if I get multiple tattoos? 

A:  Yes! Tattoos will be $60 each, or 2 for $100 and 3 for $160. These deals apply to individuals only, the tattoos cannot be divided amongst friends. 

Q: Can I get tattooed somewhere other than my arms or legs?

A: In order to meet demand, we will be tattooing arms and legs ONLY. 

  •  Arms and legs provide relatively flat and smooth surfaces. This flatness reduces the challenges associated with tattooing  curved or uneven areas, which can be more time-consuming. 
  • Arms and legs are easily accessible for both the artist and client. This accessibility allows for better maneuverability and control during the tattooing process, making tattooing quicker and more efficient. 


Have other questions? Leave them in the comments!

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