Ready To Roll?

Ever wanted a tattoo, but couldn't decide on the design? We have a solution for that.


Introducing , our Get-What-You-Get gumball machine.
It's time to say goodbye to overthinking and hello to unexpected surprises.


Here's how it works- Insert a coin, spin the machine, and whatever design it lands on is yours to keep. 

It's the ultimate game of chance !


Gumball Machine Tattoos available at the following locations: 



  • Spin for $100 and re-spin for $20
  • Tattoos done in black and grey 
  • Add colour for $20
  • Rotating themes to keep things exciting 
  • Artist Sean Martin has his own Pokemon themed gumball machine 


London, Masonville Mall

  • Spin for $160 and re-spin for $20
  • Tattoos done in black and grey 
  • Add colour for $30
  • Traditional style tattoos 
  • Artist Taylor Armstrong has his own gumball machine 


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