FAQ: When is the Best Time To Get Pierced?



We see it every year: summer rolls in, crop tops make a comeback, and clients are eager to flaunt a new navel piercing. The decision to get a new piercing is exciting,  but have you ever thought about when might be the best time to do it? While the impulse for spontaneous piercings during summer is tempting, there's a couple reasons why winter could be the perfect season to get that new piercing.  


1. Reduced Sweat and Activity

Winter brings cooler temperatures, which often means reduced sweating compared to the hotter months. Less sweat can potentially contribute to a cleaner healing process for your new piercing. Sweat can introduce bacteria and moisture, which might increase the risk of infection. With lower activity levels in colder weather, the chances of accidentally bumping or irritating your new piercing are also minimized. 



2. Lower Risk of Outdoor Elements

During winter, most of us tend to lay off the beach days and pool hangs, right? That's a blessing for your healing piercing! The outdoor activities we love during warmer seasons can expose piercings to various elements like dirt, sand, chlorine in pools, and sunlight. These factors are not ideal for a fresh piercing, as they can prolong the healing process or lead to complications. 

Now, don't get me wrong, any season is a good time to express yourself with a new piercing. But if you're looking for a chill period (literally) to start this journey, consider embracing the winter for your next piercing adventure. And by the time it's healed, it'll be time to hit the beach, and you can show off your new bling.









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